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Pneumatic cylinders – ATEX execution.

Hafner company started the production of pneumatic cylinders in ATEX execution. The offer includes cylinders in various embodiments of ISO type (Solid and Classic) with diameters from D32 up to D320 and the type CNOMO diameters from D32 up to D200. The cylinders meet the requirements of Directive 94/9 / EC (ATEX), which applies to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as the Polish Standards: BS EN 13463-1: 2010 and BS EN 13463-5: 2012.

Double-acting pneumatic cylinders with air suspension ISO and CNOMO type are designed for use in pneumatics as cylinders.

These devices qualify for group II category 2GD and are intended for use in areas where explosive atmospheres appearance of mixtures of air and gases, vapors or mists or dust-air mixtures is likely. Cylinders qualified for temperature class T5 (max. 100 ° C surface temperature). Additionally, all the protection by constructional safety 'c' in accordance with DIN EN 13463-5: 2012.

The full designation of the actuator:
Wykonanie ATEX

Notified organization in the technical documentation and deposited that issued the certificate of product is KOMAG Institute of Mining, Department of Attestation Certification Body.


We have become part of the Rubix Group

We have become part of the Rubix Group

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Hafner w czasie pandemii

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