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Pneumatics, Compressors, Dryers, Tanks, Pneumatic installations, Air prepration units, Gauges, Pneumatic tubes, Pneumatic valves, Pneumatic cylinders, Pneumatic fittings.

Pneumatics is the main area of activity of the company HAFNER.

We provide comprehensive services for customers in the supply and manufacture of pneumatic components either for power or control. The assortment we offer includes screw and piston compressors, air tanks, dryers, separators, pneumatic fittings, valves, control valves, cylinders, air preparation components, pneumatic grippers, vacuum technology and pneumatic fittings. We offer a unique solution components tailored to the specific working conditions such as low temperatures or hazardous atmospheres (ATEX, Ex).

Within the framework of the system, the company manufactures pneumatic cylinders within 24h standard and special, and other unusual pneumatic items. All of our offered products are of high quality, and are characterized by durability in a lifetime, which is confirmed by the relevant Certificates. We have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2009.

Highly qualified and experienced staff provide professional and comprehensive service also in the selection of compressors, pneumatic circuit design, technical advice and service and installation of air. Maintain adequate inventory allows you to quickly supply to customers.

We invite you to read a short description of our offer:


Our offer of piston and rotary compressors creates a comprehensive solution for the automation of processes in your company. The range of services includes not only the sale of compressors, but especially the need of choosing the right equipment and professional warranty and post-warranty service.


The offer includes the EDX series of refrigeration dryers with capacities from 0.4 m3 / min to 37.5 m3 / min and desiccant.


We offer compressed air tanks in a vertical or horizontal version for the installation with a capacity from 10 liters to 3000 liters and medium accumulated operating pressures up to 1.6 MPa (16 bar). Tanks are also available for the vacuum system for vacuum -0.1 MPa (-1 bar)

Pneumatic installations

Industrial pneumatic systems for compressed air and other media (water) in order to provide a modern way of bringing the working medium to the receivers. They are major components (connectors, tubing, connectors, elbows, sleeves, etc.) to connect installations, made of plastic, aluminum and copper, and accessories for self-installation by the user (welding, levels, scissors, mounting brackets, etc.). We provide design and installation of the customer's needs.

Filters and separators

Our offer includes a wide range of professional filters and separators for use in the compressed treatment (purification of solids, water and oil) at pressures up to 1.6 MPa (16 bar). Components are available to the size of the connection G3 "and the maximum amount of flow of 46000 l / min. We also offer materials and consumables (cartridges, accessories, drains).

Air preparation units

We offer professional air preparation units for the working medium: Futura Series, Economic and Standard for use in pneumatics sizes G1 / 8 and G1 ½. They are used for cleaning, pressure reduction and oiling the working medium. They are also available as individual components (filters, pressure reducing valves, filter-reducing valves, two-element stations, three-element stations and lubricators). The offer also includes consumables, accessories and components for fastening.

Pressure and temperature measurement

We offer pressure gauges and other devices (pressure transducers) for measuring the working fluid pressure, pneumatic control and propulsion systems.

Air hoses

Our offer includes pneumatic hoses necessary for each of the pneumatic system for joining the receivers. They are made of polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE), polyamide (PA), nylon (NL) and Teflon (TF). They are used in systems operating under a wide range of temperatures and operating pressures. Also available in metal braid reinforced and as a spiral ducts.

Shut-off valves

We offer a shut-off valves designed to shut off the flow of various operating media (compressed air, water, steam, hydraulic oil) which are available in a wide range of operating pressures. Shut-off valves are controlled electromagnetically and manually. They are used in the control and drive systems.

Spool valves

We also offer all types of valves for cylinders (pneumatic piston or rodless cylinders , swivel and swing). Spool valves are available with functions 2/2, 3/2, 3/3, 5/2, 5/3, 4/3 solenoid, mechanical and pneumatic sizes from M5 to G3 / 4 ". We also offer auxiliary valves and switches. The valves are equipped with connections and NAMUR. They can also be assembled on plates - modular , linear and terminal.

Control valves

The control valves, that we offer, include logic valves (alternatives, total), check valves, throttle-return and high-speed shutter. In the pneumatics there are used elements for minimalizing the control of the speed of movement of cylinders (throttle valves and throttle feedback)

Piston cylinders

We are a manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, which can be produced within 24 h from preparing on offer. We produce standard pneumatic cylinders in accordance with ISO 6431, ISO 6432, ISO 15552, VDMA and CNOMO with nominal diameters from 8 mm to 250 mm. The offer mini cylinders standardized Solid, Classic, Economic, compact compression. Cylinders, which we offer a have wide range of fasteners (straight ends and ball joints, crimp terminals, yoke, paws, fork, flanges, simple ear, ear oblique, guides, lock rod) and piston position sensors (Reed and solid state). We are able to prepare any special and custom – made cylinders.

Rodless cylinders

Our offer includes rodless cylinders OSB series with nominal diameters D10 to D80. The cylinders are characterized by high speed of operation and the possibility of assembling in confined spaces. Cylinder’s accessories, which are available in our offer are: fasteners, piston position sensors and semiconductor Reed and guides.

Rotary cylinders

The offer includes ACTUBAR series rotary cylinders type AS / AD and a series of GTD / GTE bilateral and unilateral action of rotation angles from 90 ° to 180 ° with a positioner mounting and accessory equipment. The cylinders are driven by a process valves of the wing structure or a ball in the industrial installations.

Pneumatic grippers

The company's product range includes grapples with pneumatic jaws HDN series for manipulating objects in a robotic and automated stations and ports of production processes. Grippers can be equipped with sensors indicating the closing or opening of the jaws CS-15T

Connectors & Accessories Fasteners

Connectors & Accessories Fasteners - components, pneumatic fittings for wiring and receivers working with fluid pneumatic driven systems and controls. The catalog includes straight connectors, angled connectors with nuts and, wiring connection pipe to PE, PA, PU, steel pipe fittings and Cu, couplers and connectors, manifolds and other accessories necessary for the construction of the installation of air-connection threads from M5 to G1 "..

Oils and greases

We offer pneumatic oils and greases, that are recommended by the producers of compressors, pneumatics and pneumatic tools. They are packaged in a convenient containers.

Pneumatic tools

We offer professional air tools (grinders, drills, screwdrivers) with pneumatic drive and vacuum components.

Vacumm elements

The offer includes means for applying a vacuum technique of handling, transporting and gripping elements in manufacturing processes. This includes vacuum pumps, suction cups and vacuum grippers.


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