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Rotary cylinders ACTUBAR

Rotary cylinders ACTUBAR
Technical data :
Standard version Option
Description - Cylinder with two-side piston from
- Type AD - up touble acting
- Type AS - single acting(spring return)
Construction features Technology, pinion mechanism, and a shaft with a self-centering element; single acting: safety springs  
Operating position Any Any
Standards - The design of the cylinder signaling units:
VDI / VDE 3845 (NAMUR) and VDI / VDE 3847
- The design of the cylinder / valve in accordance with NAMUR ie. VDI / VDE 3845
- The design of the cylinder / valve internal thread 4 or 8 cylinders in accordance with EN ISO 5211
- Alternative mounting and connecting dimensions: a shaft-shaped or up double-D according to DIN ISO 5211
Directives - ATEX, Machine Guidline  
Materials Tube: aluminium alloy,anodized
Covers: Aluminium alloy
Piston rfrom / Sprockets: Aluminium alloy
Shaft: aluminium alloy
Seals: NBR
Bearings: selflubricating polimer
Screws: stainless steelA2
Tube: anodized, powder, SILACOAT®
Shaft: stainless steel AISI 303;
AISI 316 on request
Ambient temp. from -20°C up to +80°C - Designed to operate in low working
temperatures : from -40°C up to 80°C
- Designed to operate in high working
temperatures from 20°C up to 160°C
Pivoting angle - Double and single acting: 90°
- Adjustable swivel, standard angles
from +5° up to -10° w obu pozycjach
Torque from 2.5 up to 6000 Nm  
Pressure from 2 up to 8 bar  
Filtered air with the minimal oil residue, dust according to Class 4 DIN ISO 8573-1 Special version - other non-corrosive gases or liquids
Catalogue number creation
Double acting
AD - 050 / 090 - V... A
1 2 3   5 6
Single acting
AS - 050 / 090 - 08 V22 - F
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Function:
- AD - Rotary cylinders double side;
2. Size:
Size according to the diagrams.
3. Pivoting angle:
4. Number of springs:
For example. 08 – eight springs
5. Shaft type:
- V - octagonal
- Z - double„D”
6. Mounting type
Different mounting types. All details are given in the technical data sheet.


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